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  1. Parade Ground is my favorite electro-industrial band because they are hard workers and they have a unique sound that soars with the eagles. Combining total contrast of dark electro and bright synth sound, beats with force and abrasive rhythm full of grooves and textures, they approach the world with their own creative push not caring about what content that the modern music industry drives the artist to write and release. Rosary, in my opinion, is the most brilliant industrial album in my collection. It’s spiritual, and raw with it’s low-fi production. It sounds as if it were recorded in an abysmal chasm in a frozen tundra with no possibility of returning to the surface. Such a masterpiece and yet overlooked by many. It is an album that knows no boundaries and is an example of unparalleled freedom in the music studio. It should be kept in a guarded glass display case in the Louvre. It is purifying and uplifting in every way. Parade Ground and (Bea LeBlanc of course) are exceptionally true to their fan base. Apparently they don’t stop touring. Always on the road and working hard to bring quality electro to a world that is over saturated with terrible fly-by-night music. Music has become watered down and mass produced to appeal to a brain-dead soulless top-40 world. Parade Ground never disappoints and always creates truly original music. Thank God for Parade Ground Wonderful human beings. Unpolished and classic deep analog sound that has stood the test of time. Maybe one day they will have a live concert dvd and or come to the United States? Time will tell what this brilliant duo will come up with next. Thank God for Parade Ground.

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